Mobilization, Action, Change

PEGASUS Institute facilitates engagement in discourses about actions and policies to improve unacceptable levels of poor health and mobilize to promote action for a healthier,  interdependent and resilient world. We work to prevent destructive conflict advocating, instead, for holistic, integrated, peaceful, positive relationships.

We engage change-makers of today and tomorrow, developing the next generation of leaders from multiple disciplines by bringing together health professionals, including: physicians, nurses and trainees, policymakers, academics, researchers, students, health-related organizations, community members, and an array of speakers to share ideas and active strategies about Global Health.

We work as equal partners to bring together stakeholders and develop long-term, trusted relationships and efforts across borders. PEGASUS Institute provides a platform to identify, support and amplify best practices, lessons learned and practical guidance and tools, contributing to the development of innovative research, programming and implementation action plans.

We assist our partners in coming together to develop and implement practical plans and solutions on the ground that are coordinated and complemented by joint campaigns to contribute to a global agenda. Through various, we encourage those we work with to utilize knowledge sharing as a powerful tool for change in inventing and implementing solutions to global health problems. We encourage participatory action and advocacy for the most vulnerable.

We promote partnerships and a global network of advocates to push boundaries and encourage change and progress. The overall aim is to decrease the current gap between knowledge and action.

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