Education, Knowledge Sharing and Advocacy

PEGASUS Institute provides information, publications and interactive fora to share expertise in global health, peace and eco-health research, education, field experiences, advocacy and policy. We assist in identifying opportunities for education, knowledge translation, integrating and building concepts to inform research, policy and service delivery. Involving a diversity of physicians, health professionals, academics, researchers, policymakers, students, health-related organizations and community members, we share and develop information, ideas and actions through various in-person and virtual avenues and events such as interactive webinars, speaker series, journal articles, books, blogs, and newsletters to name a few.

By involving local and international collaborators from those with lived experiences to healthcare providers to policy makers, and various actors as all levels, in the sharing of ideas, concepts, research, education and strategies, we seek to address complex global health challenges more holistically. Knowledge translation and sharing allows for more timely preventative measures, collaborative approaches to service delivery and mutual capacity building with the intended outcome of greater health equity on a global scale.

PEGASUS Institute promotes the exchange information, skills, techniques, innovations, and expertise among professionals, experts, policy makers, academics communities, and communities with the intention and ongoing process of generating new knowledge, capturing and organizing existing knowledge, adapting knowledge to meet different contextual healthcare needs. Communities, health care providers, program managers, and policy makers around the world require evidence-based information and knowledge sharing to reduce the duplication of efforts, increase efficiency, inform decision making, and improve the quality of services. 

Together, through knowledge sharing, we examine the critical links among peace and health determinants such as education, poverty, equity, the environment and development. We interact, and share diverse perspectives, respectfully exploring innovative ideas and concepts on the dynamics of Global Health, learning from each other, critically appraising social-ecological determinants that impact health worldwide.

We will ensure equitable opportunities for participation, including opportunities for diverse stakeholders including those normally on the margins. All members will be allowed to express their opinion and treat each other with mutual respect.

An important philosophical element of PEGASUS has been the sharing of ideas and promoting an approach to health and sustainability that focuses on cooperation and collaboration. Students and young professionals may benefit from some experienced mentors who have taken an activist role in promoting health through peace and sustainability. Conversely, those individuals further on in their careers would benefit from interacting with someone bringing new ideas and perspectives to questions of health and sustainability. 

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