Activities and Outputs

Core activities of PEGASUS Institute include Interactive Events, Educational Activities, Publication of Information, Research, Policy and Advocacy.  

One of PEGASUS Institute’s main activities has been our PEGASUS Institute Virtual Event Series ( of webinars and roundtables that are hosted in English, French and Spanish. The purpose of our virtual events is to provide a platform to create discourse and to spark action to address global health, peace and environmental challenges that are interconnected. From some of our webinars and roundtables PEGASUS Institute has been developing projects with partners and stakeholders that will lead to change, impact and transformation. 

We strive to produce tangible outputs such as academic publications, toolkits, community resources, online repositories and share and exchange information through many avenues such as events, our website, social media, newsletters, blog, mentorship programs, books, videos etc. with an aim to create meaningful change.

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