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Education, Knowledge Sharing and Advocacy

PEGASUS Institute provides information, publications and interactive fora to share expertise in global health, peace and eco-health research, education, field experiences, advocacy and policy. We assist in identifying opportunities for education, knowledge translation, integrating and building concepts to inform research, policy and service delivery. Involving a diversity of physicians, health professionals, academics, researchers, policymakers, students,…

Mobilization, Action, Change

PEGASUS Institute facilitates engagement in discourses about actions and policies to improve unacceptable levels of poor health and mobilize to promote action for a healthier,  interdependent and resilient world. We work to prevent destructive conflict advocating, instead, for holistic, integrated, peaceful, positive relationships. We engage change-makers of today and tomorrow, developing the next generation of…

Service in Global Health

Recognizing the complexity of health, healthcare systems and contexts on a global scale, PEGASUS Institute seeks to improve global health service delivery through the development of collaborative and participatory approaches to health. This includes sharing, researching and encouraging innovative approaches and health delivery models to create positive, sustainable and adaptable improvements in the health status…

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