Student and Young Professional Opportunities

Emerging Leaders Network (ELN)

PEGASUS Institute’s ELN Network engages young folks in PEGASUS Institute activities, mentorship opportunities and other global health activities, especially relating to peace and environmental sustainability. ELN members are provided with various opportunities to interact with the organization to participate in meetings and organizational development; learn new concepts and skills; and keep up to date in the field of global health while contributing their own skills and knowledge (in a mutually benefiting relationship). We are currently developing our ELN network and structure and would love for you to participate!

If you are interested in joining PEGASUS Institute’s ELN Network please send us an email indicating your interest to!

Internships, Work Study and Practicums 

PEGASUS Institute provides opportunities to directly engage students and young professionals in Experiential Learning Opportunities (ELOs) through various academic studentships, work study programs and practicums. ELOs through PEGASUS Institute allow participants to apply their relevant skills, knowledge, and values in a real-world context in Global Health and its nexus with Peace and Environmental Sustainability and play a critical role in addressing current and future global health challenges. They are exposed to a variety of facets of the organization and the complexities of its working environment which allow for the acquisition of new skills and increased awareness and competencies. Through these programs, students and young professionals experience interprofessional, cross-disciplinary approaches that go beyond the biomedical aspects of health to better understand the complexities and interlinkages with aspects of the social and ecological realms such as peace and environmental sustainability.  This includes a better understanding of global health disparities and real-world challenges.

During the course of PEGASUS Institute ELOs, students and young professionals become more familiar with the key issues and actors in Global Health, Peace and Environmental Sustainability. ELOs though PEGASUS Institute provide multiple opportunities for mentorship and multi-directional sharing and exchange as the student will work closely with academics, staff, experts, other young professionals and those with lived experience in various related fields. Capacities are shared with the student and the student will have the opportunity to share their capacities with others. The student will have the opportunity to contribute to tangible solutions and meaningful change within global health, peace and sustainability by participating in the production of resources, outputs and projects that impact policy and practice (e.g., publications, events, informational resources (social media, website, blog, newsletters), toolkits etc.).

Within this diverse experience, this placement will be structured to suit the needs and interests of the intern as they will work with their supervisor and staff to identify, arrange and complete a valuable experience that fulfills their academic program’s requirements.  While there are no travel opportunities, there are extensive opportunities for networking, relationship building and collaboration within Canada and internationally. We recommend and prefer that students take on a specific project within the organization and work with PEGASUS Institute to develop specific project-related objectives, outcomes and outputs. Students and young professionals work with experienced professionals, academics and those working in the global health field who have extensive experience with mentoring, supervising and teaching students through various academic positions, organizations, institutions and conferences. Students gain first-hand experience alongside a large network of experienced professionals while working to transform their communities locally and globally. 

Existing Experiential Learning Opportunities

McMaster Department of Family Medicine (DFM)- Student Internship/ Practicum Experience

PEGASUS Institute has formed a partnership with the McMaster Department of Family Medicine to offer a McMaster MPH Fall 2021 Part Time Practicum Opportunity. 

We continue to grow and expand our opportunities with other ELOs through McMaster and will be engaging in the DFM Work/study program in Spring 2022. We will also collaborate on collaborative grant opportunities with the DFM at McMaster and engage students through this work. 

Mitacs (

PEGASUS Institute is working with the Director, Business Development, Waterloo-Wellington at Mitacs to develop two ELOs for students through their Accelerate  and Business Strategy Internship programs. At the moment we are in the application phase of development. 

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