PEGASUS Institute

We envision a world where peaceful interaction provides for sustainable global health.

PEGASUS is an acronym built from the first letters of our main themes:  PEace, Global health and SUStainability.

The representation of the Pegasus – a winged horse of Greek mythology appropriately captures our essence and spirit. Since ancient times Pegasus has been an emblem of inspiration, imagination, and knowledge, as well as an icon of wisdom. Pegasus’ symbolism of strength and justice is the embodiment of all that we hope to achieve through our activities to improve global health by fostering peace and sustainability.

PEGASUS Institute was developed from a series of bi-annual conferences that have taken place since 2014 (https://www.pegasusconference.org/), seeking to address global health challenges through a lens of peace and sustainability. The Institute was developed in recognition of the importance of on-going work, strategies, and platforms to advance global health, peace and sustainability.


To promote equity, justice and global health in its nexus with peace and environmental sustainability through interactive fora to share research, education, field experiences, advocacy and policy.

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